Writing this book changed my life. I hope reading it will change yours.

If you’re tired of chasing success and never feeling like you’re successful enough. If you’re tired of trying to keep up with others in your industry who look like they have it all. If you’ve achieved everything you thought would make you happy but find yourself asking, Is this all there is? If you thought making more money and having more things would make you feel satisfied but you still feel like it’s not enough. If you feel like climbing the corporate ladder, or creating a bigger and better business, is what’s expected of you, but you’re tired and burned out… it’s time to read Breaking The Spell.

We’re conditioned to constantly strive for more…

More money, more achievements, more power, and higher and higher levels of success. We’re taught that constantly striving for more is what life is all about. We’re supposed to set goals, and go after them, right? That’s what successful people do. They don’t settle. They’re not lazy. They work hard for promotions, raises, and more successful businesses, and they earn praise and accolades for their accomplishments.

We often get so caught up we lose sight of what’s really important.

We believe when we accomplish our goals and finally get there, then we’ll be happy. Problem is, that’s not usually the case. We get there and we’re still not satisfied. Because there’s always a higher level to achieve to. There’s always someone who has more. So we find ourselves on the hamster wheel of success, running in circles until we’re frustrated, stressed out, disillusioned, and very often burned out.

Ultimately what we’re all chasing is happiness.

Unfortunately, we’re surrounded by signs that lead us to believe happiness can be found in all these other things. But it’s a fallacy. And there’s plenty of scientific research to prove it.

In Breaking The Spell I share my personal story of getting lost on the path to more money, more accomplishments, and more success. It’s a journey that led me to take a year sabbatical from my business to research our pursuit of money, success, and happiness, interview people from around the globe, and ultimately write and publish this book. This process dramatically changed my life and how I live it. In fact, I finally found the happiness, and peace, I was searching for all those years. And, I didn’t find it where I was taught I would find it, or where I thought I would.

My hope is this book will help people step back and take a closer look at how they’re living their lives, and in the end, discover the true path to a happier, healthier, wealthier life.


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Praise for Breaking the Spell

“If you’ve ever gone to a seminar to learn to start a business that promises millions, bought a success book or program or hired a coach to help you make more money — this book is for you. It will be the sobering whack on the side of the head that you need to bring your priorities back in line. While Breaking the Spell is NOT written to dissuade you from participating in self-improvement programs or buying these products, it IS written to help you become a better consumer of these products.”  

~Business Insider


“I’ve been in the personal and professional development industry for more than thirty years, I can’t recommend Breaking the Spell highly enough. While success is an admirable goal, a variety of factors have led too many people on a virtual wild goose chase for success. In this excellent book, Debbie delves into the reasons why so many people have gotten so sidetracked, ending up bankrupt and unhappy instead of financially free and blissful. This book explains so much and enables us to recapture our personal power on our quest for happiness and success.”

~ Michael Angier, Founder, SuccessNet


“As a millionaire I’ll be the first to admit that money makes life easier. But Debbie LaChusa has struck gold with Breaking the Spell: most people are far too focused on making more money or achieving higher levels of success, believing when they get both, then suddenly, they’ll be happy. Breaking the Spell makes an unforgettable and eye-opening case that we’ve been falsely conditioned by society, gurus, and yes, even our parents and teachers to believe that MORE, in all aspects of life, is the key to personal fulfillment. This book tells an engaging story sure to crack fissures through anyone’s perspective.”

~ MJ DeMarco, Author of The Millionaire Fastlane


“Finally someone has the guts to come out of the closet with the truth about happiness, money and the ‘self help’ industry!”

~ Kimberly Englot, Author of The Now of Happiness


“In this quest for more, far too many people get caught in the web of exaggerated marketing messages and guru promises. They put the experts on pedestals only to later find out that their trust was misplaced and misused. Often finding themselves not richer or happier, but poorer, disillusioned, and frustrated. In Breaking the Spell, Debbie LaChusa exposes why so many people have gotten caught in this web and offers suggestions for breaking free and recapturing our lives.”

~ Connie Joy, Author of Tragedy in Sedona: My Life in James Arthur Ray’s Inner Circle


“Wow, finally someone is pulling back the curtain on the guru/coaching business.”

~ Monique Gallagher, Highest Potential Training


“This book will definitely open your eyes and force you to re-evaluate much of what’s considered ‘normal’ in our society.”

~ Christine Kloser, Author of Beyond Mindset: Everyday Inspiration to Help You Remember What Your Heart Already Knows


“A great read if you’ve ever questioned why many of the success models haven’t worked for you and your business. It’s the side of the story that many never discuss… in public.”

~ Tamara Gold, CEO Tamara Gold Enterprises, Inc.


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About The Author

Despite becoming a vice president in her thirties, building three successful six-figure businesses in her forties, becoming a millionaire, speaking internationally, and sharing the stage with celebrity teachers from The Secret, Debbie LaChusa never felt satisfied.

After spending seven years and $200,000 constantly trying to achieve more, she realized she had become spellbound. She looked around and saw she wasn’t alone, prompting her to embark on a yearlong investigative journey to understand why, so she could heal herself and help others. Breaking The Spell is the result of that journey.

You can learn more about Debbie at www.DebbieLaChusa.com and read her musings about money, success, and happiness on her blog at www.MoneySuccessHappiness.com


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